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Art Scene Contracting has acquired a wide knowledge of finishing products, which is continually updated, and an excellent workmanship in their execution. Thus, the firm ensures a high quality of performance in all types of tiling (ceramic, marble, stone, vinyl) painting, glazing, and other fixture necessary to complete a project and bring out its assets.

Our services

Our performance talks for us

A high qualified team of Civil Engineers and Administrators with diversified experiences in planning, project management, construction and contracting, collectively interacts to provide a wide range of services extending from the feasibility study and initial planning of a project, to its final completion with furniture supplying and maintenance.


As an initial step data is collected to perform a thorough analysis of all factors required to establish the feasibility of the undertaking. A study of the site is made: its location, economics and environmental aspects, which all provide parameters necessary for the preliminary master plan.

Interior works

Art Scene Contracting is ready to undertake all kinds of interior decoration, refurbishing and refurnishing projects. It ensures professional installation of partition walls, false ceilings, tiling and other interior works all executed with professional design and workmanship and responsive to the client’s desires and specifications.


The services offered by Art Scene Contracting extend beyond design and construction to include all MEP activities. The firm provides its clients with qualified Engineers & Technicians who can be present for any kind of projects.

what we offer

Production include: Civil Works: Plastering, Painting, Carpentry, Gypsum Works etc., Electromechanical Work: Plumbing, Electrical, A/C Works and Fire Fighting, Aluminium Partitioning and Glass Shop Fronts, Flooring (all types), Light Fixtures, Supply & Install of Surtains, Accessories, Partitions ......